About Us

Since 2006, Aissa Diouf has been cooking up giant crepes heaping with fresh ingredients. Each dish is a tribute to her mother, who raised Aissa and her sister in the former French colony of Niger.

"When we were kids, my mother made us crepes for our birthdays," said Aissa. "We enjoyed them and learned how to make them."

Aissa inherited her mother's adventurous side, especially when it comes to recipes. Among the more surprising items on the menu is the Crepe "Dog," made with Polish sausage. Their most popular dish and house special, La Reine (Queen of Crepes), combines chicken, tomatoes, bacon, Swiss cheese and spinach in a delicious savory crepe.

Saley Crepes plans to move to a larger space just five blocks away, closer to downtown, in November. They'll still be on East Olive Way, but on the south side of I-5 instead of north of the freeway.